Sonographers: What is DMS?


Healthcare in Canada is Provincial. All decisions and funding for healthcare in Ontario are controlled by the Provincial government. Sonographers are represented by the OAMRS in Ontario who fight for the rights and interests of Sonographers and MRTs every day. OAMRS ensures our right to practice and that we continue to have a strong voice and influence over government decision-makers.


Did you know that OAMRS is the only Professional Association that represents DMSs in Ontario?


Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (DMS) is your required protected title to practice in Ontario, issued by the College of Medical Radiation Technologists of Ontario (CMRTO). Holding the DMS protected title is a requirement to practice in Ontario and CMRTO now manages your continued competence as a DMS through its Quality Assurance program and annual continuing professional development requirements. You are now accountable to the CMRTO to ensure your continued competence as a DMS. Members of the public (your patients and employers) can also look you up on the CMRTO public portal to confirm you hold the DMS title and see any offences that have been made against you.


Maintaining credentials issued by Sonography Canada and ARDMS are now voluntary. The DMS title issued to you by CMRTO is the only legislative requirement to work in Ontario. DMSs can obtain the knowledge, skill, and judgment to perform enhanced skills such as MSK or Venipuncture specializations by many different means including OAMRS and other training programs. DMSs are making the switch and recognizing that Membership in OAMRS provides DMSs with their required professional liability insurance (PLI), access to low cost and free education, certifications, support, awards, bursaries, and contributing to the ongoing OAMRS government relations program. OAMRS is your lobbyist and fights for the rights of DMSs and our profession every day at the Ontario legislature. Membership fees also stay in Ontario, where it matters.


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